Who I am and What this Is

I’ve already written a blog about politics, as I see it, as a response to current events and deceitful journalism. The reason I made it was really just to collect my thoughts, in a organized manner. Putting ideas and topics to bed, having a final 1000-piece essay felt like an accomplishment.


So the purpose of this programming-centered blog is to dive deep into topics in computer science that are of interest to me.

Who am I?

My first exposure to coding was in the 8th grade, when I learned Perl to parse some large DNA files using a “sliding window”. I went on to learn some MatLab&Python in 10th grade for a Mechanical Engineering internship I had through the program Nanoexplorers at UTD. Then I went on to take Computer Science AP, and the following CS course my High School ( Plano Senior High School) offered CS-3. I loved these two courses, and even enjoyed Calculus AP BC, because math and CS were always fun/challenging to me. Nowadays, I’m a third-year college student at UT Austin, majoring in Computer Science. How Interesting that I responded to the question ‘Who am I?’ with a how-I-came-to-be story about becoming a programmer.

Currently I am taking two CS courses: Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Both courses are upper division, and I hope will be useful in my career. Next Semester I will probably sign up for Data Mining, Neural Networks and Software Engineering (React, AWS, Flask), along with two electives.

The content of this blog will be CS topics that interest me. There will be a major focus on Python, Golang, RUST and Javascript. These three languages are of great interest to me right now, all three are changing the landscape of Computer Science.

Python code has so many great features, well-developed libraries, and is exceptionally fast. It’s lazy evaluation, map/filter functions, great data science libraries (keras, tf, pandas, matplotlib, numpy, scikit, etc), and fast, on-the-fly style is a great tool. Golang’s great development team, goroutines, and robust syntax is one that I hope I will get to learn better. RUST is a systems programming language that is better-built for concurrency than C or C++. Safe-concurrency, and it’s functional style lends itself well to better code. Finally JavaScript, which I once thought was a janky web-development language, but has continued to flourish in web-dev because it is asynchronous and single-threaded which causes less overhead and no-blocking. I will be learning more Node.js, Express.js and using advanced tools to build a website such as nginx and redis.


My goal is to have a log or a hub of my thoughts and ideas. I hope to inspire others to blog, to use technologies I mention, to give me feedback on projects/ideas, and to have a great time writing about the one thing that I feel I was meant to do: program.

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