Life update

In the last week or so I’ve been reading and taking notes on a few books I have. I’m collecting an archive of notes so that eventually I will be able to host a website where I can upload these notes with tags and search through them quickly. I wanted to make a soft goal of reading 20-30 pages a day and I did that pretty well actually. But these notes will not just be my readings, I hope to upload class notes from next fall when I take neural networks and data mining course.

But In the interest of not coming across as some sort of cs-robot, I wanted to sort of expand this blog a little so that I don’t just blog about computer science.

In the past month or so I went kayaking with my girlfriend (top right), had my 21st birthday, cooked gnocchi and a spinach artichoke dip, and went to pizza press to make a pizza! My girlfriend and I went to some french dining place that had some good food. We tried to cook some gnocchi dish, didn’t turn out so well, but the artichoke dip was great! It’s actually very easy to make, you sort of just combine garlic, artichoke, spinach, cream cheese, and some other spices, then bake it!


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