Finals, Summer plans and compelling thoughts

Finals went very well for me, I got one standard deviation above the mean on both of my CS exams – Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Got all A’s this semester, really shows how hard work pays off. There really is no substitute

My summer plans are as follows: I have a summer internship at Dallas and I’m going to do the CS370 undergraduate research class with my Cloud Computing professor. This should take up a lot of time because I have to become proficient and fast at developing in golang. The topic is about provenance of custom operators in kubernetes .. There’s a lot to learn but I’ll have all summer .. And finally I plan on reading and working through the second edition of the famous Sutton and Barton reinforcement learning textbook because I will be learning in depth about neural networks and deep learning in the fall..



I’ve recently come to realize that interacting with reality -posting a video, sending an email, writing a critique, or writing a blog ;^), can have huge consequences. I just read a blog post about a guy who wrote letters to CEO’s and he got a lot more responses from big names than you would think! His conclusion being that companies who’s CEO’s are really think things through, considers comparative values and evaluates opportunity costs, often have higher profits.

I once read this great story about the great Steve Jobs where he took advice from the legendary John Carmack – a game developer and graphics engineer – who at the time was wearing an Emoji shirt with a bullet through its head while in a meeting with Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs apparently found it distasteful, but John Carmack made valid concerns about MacOSX graphics. Steve Job tested a trusted graphics engineer by calling him and made him defend his architecture solutions to John Carmack. Ultimately admitted his solution was not the ideal. Steve Jobs blew up at the engineer and took the side of Carmack on this decision – a dude with a emoji shirt LOL. Humiliating for the longstanding lead engineer, but really shows how he was able to overcome the emoji shirt and make a decision on the merits of what was being said.

This is what a few blog writers I follow have made great waves doing – putting their perspective and name on the line with their opinions. Not a lot of people do that these days, everyone is in this dreary work-life balance zombie mode where they think nihilisticly. “What do I really have to gain from spending an hour writing this letter? etc.” To whom I would say SNAP OUT OF IT. Work-life balance is a myth, work is a part of your life. The successful people I have observed are learners, they have genuine interest in the field and they care. 

I read about a guy who targeted the CEO of reddit by marketing his article to people in an area, with interests. He got the CEO to read his blog post, and got the job offer shortly after. People do this for brand recognition too – if someone has heard of you, but they dont know where, they are likely to buy your product or take that meeting with you.


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