Back!: Updates, CS370 Undergrad research, and more

In the last month I’ve been doing backend programming at my summer internship. Its going good, not a big fan of csharp but I like the team a lot. I will say, though, that the whole networking aspect (growing your ‘network’) is a little exhausting because I can’t tell whether someone is being obsequious or genuine. Well, I kind of have an idea. Not a big fan of networking in general, but it’s part of the game so you have to partake. “If you deny reality, it automatically works against you”

I’ve been doing some programming for my summer class CS370, during the nighttimes. I’ve gotten more familiar with kubernetes and have a great respect for Go, a systems programming language. It’s an enjoyable language to code in, unlike c++ and Java. Python is too slow and bad at multithreading, but great for interviews.

My summer research project under UT’s Cloud Computing professor Devdatta Kulkarni, is on a topic called provenance – a big issue, as it turns out, in distributed systems. For security reasons and tracking information, a large scale system ought to have information about an object’s lineage (A pod, a database, a container, etc) or how it came to be.

Oh and I just took the GRE! Been studying for a long time for it and got a great score. When I told my mom I had been studying for a month consistently, she said “That’s it?” bahaha. So supportive


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